Macmillan Education

Head of Design

My role as Head of Design has been to take a department primarily focused on print development and restructure it to deliver all the media needed to support print and digital learning environments. This has involved setting up design and digital teams capable of developing anything from animation to wire framing.

Macmillan Education

Animation development

After successfully creating the in-house Design team and developing an animation workflow, we needed to educate other internal stakeholders on their roles in this process and what they were expected to deliver. It seem appropriate to create an animation to deliver this training.

Macmillan Education

Art Direction / Branding

Ultimately I'm responsible for the implementation of all branding on Design department projects. This can involve the creation of new brands and giving art direction - it can involve me in anything from logo creation to development of characters, environments and the longer term merchandising ideas like apps and toys.

Macmillan Education

Digital Design Manager

My objectives when taking on this role was to create a group capable of developing new and exciting products (like apps and delivering new types of content) but also improve the development lifecycle by introducing wire framing, structured prototyping and user testing.

Macmillan Education

The Inks

This was a project developed by the Digital Design team. The concept was to create an independent framework which could be overlaid onto any primary product to gamify the product and provide a fun environment for learning languages. It was later developed into a full set of supporting apps for two series.

Digital Jam Studios


As an independent developer I worked on creating new apps and digital media for projects for clients or working via agencies. This allowed me to work on projects for The Barbican, Ben Sherman, Birmingham City University, Coventry University, The College of Teachers, Imperial College, Jaguar/Land Rover and The Lesbian Vampire Killers.

Digital Jam Studios

Official Chart app

The initial brief was to create a game based on the Official Chart IP. After working with the client on the concept this developed into a iOS Chart app giving the user access to all the charts, information on artists and buy tracks. I provided both data and customer support for three years. It helped to promote the company brand and had user base of around 30k users.

Electronic Arts

Strategic Sales & Licensing Manager

With responsibility for all deals that fell outside the standard sales channels in the EU. I ran the European sales team, authorised deals, sourced assets and organised production. This involved working with publishing partners like Warner Brothers, Bond, New Line Cinema to gain authorisation to use their IP in deals.