My Approach

My aim is to work with clients to capture what is unique and great about their company and deliver the message to their customers. My input is whatever the client needs to deliver the project from consultant  through to running the full development lifecycle - ensuring what is delivered meets the business needs.

My Story

My career started at a multimedia publishers, developing everything needed to meet our customer needs - starting with book and through to developing the sample code designed to help them fast track through the learning process. I've continued to build on this initial role working on everything from apps to animation. Key to this is monitoring the latest industry trends and improving/learning skills allowing to take on new technology projects.

Meet the Team

The team is currently me -  however with over 10 years experience in various industries I have a large network contacts both freelancers and design agencies allowing me to take on any project.

Will in New York

William Fallon

Art Director | Brand Developer | Creative

I'm infamously a fan of terrible movies. I do a lot of Italian and Mediterranean based cooking. Enjoying travelling when I get the opportunity, even if involves standing on top of building in the freezing cold in New York.

Next Steps...

If you have a project you're interested in developing, please contact me and I'll be happy to give feedback and quote.